Golf in Palm Springs

Golf is a sports game (with a ball and clubs) which is played on a natural field. The participants try to get the ball into the hole.The less number of hits, the more your score. This game is played throughout the world for many years. The total number of regular players is from 60 to 100 million people. Golf especially popular in the USA, Japan, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. Since the 1970s, the golf clubs has been occuring in continental Europe (Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands), as well as in Southeast Asia.

Best Golf Courses in Palm Springs Area, CA - Top, Cheap, Private, Public Courses

Palm Springs is famous for being full of golf lovers. That's why there are a lot of golf courses in the city. Both experienced golfers and beginners can can take the courses. Details of trainings vary depending on the experience and abilities of the players. Palm Springs golf courses will help juniors to master and improve their gaming skills, meet peers in real sport tournaments.They will provide players with invaluable experience at the international level, as well as they will give a lot of positive emotions! Trainings are conducted under the guidance of professional trainers, with the possibility of using the entire rich and technically advanced infrastructure of the Clubs.

Among the best golf courses in Palm springs, CA are:

Private Golf Courses in Palm Springs

First of all, private courses are more expensive. But, it is worth it, because trainers here are more experienced and as they have less students they pay more attention to each one. Moreover, private fields are significantly better than public ones. And of course, public establishments have less carts and they are a little bit older if to compare with carts of private establishments. Here are prices (approximate) for golf lessons:
  • One Hour Lesson - $95
  • One-Hour Lesson for Two - $110
  • One-Hour Family Lesson 3 Person - $125 (+ $25 for each additional person after three people)
  • Half-Hour Lesson - $55
  • Junior Lesson (ages 6-17, 45 minutes) - $40 (Two Jrs. - $60, Three Jrs. - $80)
  • Fifteen Minute Tune-Up - $25
If you buy not only one lesson, but course, the price will be lower. So, now you know what are the best golf courses and golf clubs in Palm Springs. The only thing left is to take the first lesson if you are a beginner, or ,if you are an experienced player, just to enjoy the game.