Restaurants in Palm Springs

Do you like delicious food? If you do you just must come to Palm Spring and enjoy all the tasty goodies. Not only is Palm Springs attracts travellers from all over the world by natural attractives but also by restaurants and “tasty life”. Coming to this town you doom yourself for having a small belly during your vacation because you can’t resist eating all this stuff. Be ready that it will be difficult to choose one restaurant to visit, because all of them are great in their own way.

Downtown Palm Springs Restaurants

Downtown of Palm Springs is full of entertainments, clubs and hotels. But number of restaurants, cafes and diners just stuns. In the downtown you may try so many cuisines that you even can’t imagine - Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Thai, Japanese and of course American. Whether to have a meal in a cozy and quiet place or to drink the milkshake in the crowded diner - the choice is yours!

Best Places to Eat in Palm Springs

Of course, as in any other town, there are restaurants that are favoured. What do people base on while giving a restaurant perfect review? The answer is following: combination of good service, reasonable prices and of course excellent food. One more thing that not all of the restaurants can boast about is atmosphere. For sure, atmosphere is really important, maybe even too important. Even if everything is okay about the restaurant (food, service, prices) but there is no atmosphere it means it is not one of the best. If to speak about Palm Springs, according to people’s advice the best places to eat in Palm Springs are Purple Room Supper Club, Miro’s Restaurant, Le Vallauris, Bill’s Pizza and Elmer’s Restaurant.

Palm Springs Food

As we have already mentioned, you will not come from Palm Springs with empty stomach. Except of good restaurants and cafes, Palm Springs can boast about its festivals, food streets and food companies. Palm Springs Props&Hops Beer Festival. Annual Beer Festival where you can taste drinks brewed in Coachella Valley. Food trucks and live music guarantee good pastime. What is more, while drinking some beer you can watch an aircraft ride. Isn’t it cool? Village fest - Weekly Street. The fair where local food is sold. Except local food, there are handmade crafts.

Palm Springs Steakhouses

If you are the real connoisseur of meat, you definitely should go to the steakhouse in Palm Springs. Believe, you have never tasted such a perfectly roasted and succulent steak, that just melts in your mouth. According to people’s choice, LG’s Steak Prime Steakhouse, Mr. Lyons and Steakhouse at the SPA are the best in our town. In each restaurant the course is served in a special way with dressing and garnish. Come and taste, because people say that steaks in Palm Springs are worth dying for.

Brunch in Palm Springs

Light brunch and glass of wine - perfect late morning! If you are a sleepyhead, brunch is a perfect match for you. From 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. some restaurants in Palm Springs serve brunches and one thing to say about them is that they are just amazing. Pancakes, waffles, pies, scrambled eggs, fresh juice and fruits - come to Sherman’s Deli & Bakery and taste the best brunches in our town. Palm Springs worth coming for food tours surely.