Hiking, cycling, jogging and other outdoor activities

Of all the types of tourism, the most informative and interesting is hiking. It gives you an opportunity to relax in the most beautiful corners of our world. Hiking in Palm Springs area you can relax, recreate and free your mind.

Hiking in Palm Springs Area - Indian Canyons Best Hiking Trails, Palm Springs, CA

Indian Canyon is one of the most attractive places in Palm Springs. People from all over the world come here to enjoy the beauty of California nature and just to relax watching amazing views. Being a beautiful place with spectacular views, Indian Canyons have been discovered almost fully. As many people come here to hike, there are a lot of trails:
  • Lykken Trail

This trail is rather easy so you can go hiking with kids. First 30 minutes you go up and the way will be a little bit rocky and steep, but then when you reach the plato you will see a breathtaking view. Little tip for you: take food. There are tables on the summit so you can make a little picnic.
  • Bogert Trail

A perfect trail for beginner. People who have been to the Bogert trail advise to go there in the first part of the day so the sun is behind your back and it doesn’t dazzle you.
  • Garstin Trail

This trail interacts with other trails in this area, so the the walk will be surely interesting. When you are at the top of the mountain you will be able to see the valley from bird fly height.
  • Araby Trail

The path is rather more difficult than all the previous ones, so you should wear comfortable boots and take a lot of water! But believe, it is worth your efforts. Everybody who has been to the Araby Trail considers it to be a good excursion. If you are an extensive globe trekker it would be great to take a tent and not just hike but also camp!

Cycling in Palm Springs

Cycling trainings are becoming more and more popular every year. It seems that all the people are starting to abandon their cars in favour of a bicycle. It makes no sense to deny that cycling helps to be fit and makes people healthier. If you want to see every corner of Palm Springs, but not from the car window, take a bike (there are a lot of bikes for rent) and let your journey begin!

Jogging in Palm Springs

Speaking about health. If you came to Palm Springs for vacation but you don’t want to come home with a belly, you may go jogging. According to your preferences you may run across the town, but if you want your training to be more challenging, cross country running is definitely for you! Except of strong muscles you will get perfect views and unforgettable memories. And if you want a life lasting memory, wake up early before the dawn and run to the closest summit. Year, it will be really difficult and challenging, but in return you’ll see how sun rises and its beams caressing the city.