Area Recreation & Park District

After a busy week it is a must do to recreate and relax from daily routine. Palm Springs offers you a number of parks and places where you can have a rest with you couple, kids, along or with your pet.

Palm Springs Parks and Recreation. Playgrounds.

Palm Springs Parks give an opportunity to relax among trees on the green grass and forget about everything. You can make a picnic, bask under the sun, go for a walk in many parks of Palm Springs Here is the list of the best Palm Springs parks:
  • Sunrise park Palm Springs, CA

  • Demuth Park Palm Springs, CA

  • Ruth Hardy Park Palm Springs, CA

  • Victoria Park Palm Springs, CA

  • North Park Palm Springs, CA

  • Francis Stevens Park Palm Springs, CA

Oasis Water Park Palm Springs, CA

This is an outdoor water park in the city of Palm Springs. Extreme slides of different complexity are located on its territory, swimming pools and whirlpools, attractions for children, as well as a relax zone, SPA, bars and restaurants. You also have an opportunity to order professional animators who will work with your children or will carry out exciting adult quests. What attracts the most is the location. The water park is just in the city so you don’t need to spend a lot of time on road. Thus, if you want to escape the hit of the city and to bask in the water, you should go right to the Oasis Water Park in Palm Springs.

Joshua Tree Park Palm Springs, CA

If you are in Palm Springs you just must make a day trip to Joshua Tree Park! Joshua Tree Park has the status of desert. It is located at the junction of two giant deserts of North America - the Sonoran desert and the Mojave. The vegetation of the eastern and the southern parts of the park resemble the Sonoran desert: “jumping” cholla cacti and creosote bushes (chaparral). The western areas are located higher, so they get more coolness and moisture. Sprawling yucca trees grow here in huge numbers. Thanks to the amazing rock complex in the central part of the park, Joshua tree has gained such a fame. In Joshua Tree National Park there is a well-developed network of equestrian and hiking trails, the total length of which is about 100 kilometers. This park attracts a huge number of trekking and walking lovers. About 1.25 million people visit Joshua Tree Park every year. There are no hotels or petrol stations. Also there are no museums, restaurants, souvenir shops. The entire territory of the Joshua Tree National Park contains unpaved and asphalt roads, tent sites and equestrian and hiking trails. The park has five oases that are impressive bird cities. Flocks of birds arrive here during spring migrations from the other side of the Pacific Ocean. One of the biggest oases is the Oasis of Lost Palm. It is connected to another equally famous oasis the Source of the Cotton Tree by a seven kilometer long trail. Here such plants as jojoba, yucca, the most various cacti and creosote chaparral grow. Flowering desert is an unforgettable sight. Don’t lose a chance to be an eyewitness of such a beauty.