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Outdoor Activities

Palm Springs is a sunny city in CA, famous for hot summers, bright nightlife and beautiful nature. Because of many natural attractives Palm Springs is considered to be a perfect destination for vacation. What is more, it doesn’t matter whether you like adventurous activities or you’d rather choose more calm passtime - there are things to do for every taste.

What to do in Palm Springs: 10 must do things

The city actually can boast about the number of the outdoor activities. Be ready that you will not have free time to be a couch potato or to bask for the whole day under the sun.

Palm Springs RV Parks

RV (recreational vehicle) parks are really common in this city. Why? If you want to enjoy the awesomeness of nature of Palm Springs, to find the bond between you and Mother nature, you need to escape from the busy city, to leave all your business for later. Imagine - some trailers, warm fire, somebody is playing the guitar, marshmallow and and stars. Isn’t it perfect? And then, in the morning - breakfast in the fresh air. Camping surely will help you to refresh and to have a rest from noisy routine.

Hiking in Palm Springs

If you are an adrenalin lover you may go hiking in Palm Springs. Steep slopes and rocky mountains will test your strength and your physical abilities. But if you are not very risky or you are not sure whether you will cope with more challenging paths, don’t panic because there are routes for beginners that will perfectly suit people who want to have just a peaceful walk.

Palm Springs Jeep Tour

If you want to see more in a short time you’d better take a jeep tour. First of all, it will take you less time to get to the far destinations. What is more, you will not get as tired as you’d got if you went on foot.  Here are some advices for people who want to come to Palm Spring and to spend their vacation really actively:
  • Make a Plan

There are really many things to do in Palm Springs. So, to keep up with everything you need to make a plan
  • The Map of Palm Springs is a Must Have

Believe, it will come in handy. If you prepare the map in advance and put spots on it (where you want to go) you will have some kind of route. And if you have a scheme how you will move across the city or its outskirts you will spend less time on travel. Why? You will not rush about, going from one end of the city to the other and vice versa. It could be not a real, paper map, but the one in your mobile phone. Also you may download an app. And, of course, search for things you must do or must see in Palm Springs.
  • Find a Palm Springs visitor guide

There is really a lot of information in these guides. Be sure, they will be useful.

What to see in Palm Springs

There are the most famous and interesting tourist destinations in Palm Springs:
  • Indian Canyons

  • San Jacinto Mountain

  • Painted Canyon

  • Coachella Valley Preserve

  • Tahquitz Canyon

  • the Mountain Station