Palm Springs Nightlife

In Palm Springs almost at any time of the year you can find entertainment for both adults and children. There are many galleries, parks, natural attractions and cultural events. Palm Springs is also known for its theaters, concerts and numerous festivals.

Clubs in Palm Springs

Nightlife of Palm Spring will not disappoint - it can be said without exaggeration that the city center is turning into a big party place on weekends. Sparkling and bubbling Palm Springs nightlife - young people from all over the world come to this city in search of bright nightlife. Really cool clubs and DJs - this makes the atmosphere of night Palm Springs truly unique. Nightlife here is extravagant and unrestrained, everything that brings pleasure is permitted in this city. Your evening will look like this: you are watching a magnificent sunset, then you have the dinner, then you move to the city center to warm up drinking a couple of cocktails. And after midnight you go to the club to dance to the sound of deafening music. Among the best night clubs in Palm Springs are:
  1. Zeldas Nightclub Palm Springs

  2. Copa Nightclub Palm Springs

  3. Hunters Nightclub Palm Springs

  4. Canyon Club Palm Springs

  5. Club Trinidad Palm Springs

  6. Tiki Bar Palm Springs

Best bars in Palm Springs

There are many places where you can sit in a noisy company and drink a couple of tasty cocktails, but those, where you want to stay for a long time, are of a limited amount. Today we decided to tell you about bars in Palm Springs.
  • Bars Open Until 2 am

There is a number of bars that are open until 2 am, so you can seat there for a long time, enjoying the company and drinking a glass of beer or delicious cocktail.
  • Gay Bars in Palm springs

This topic is worth another article. Actually, what is LGBT-friendly? For example, it’s understandable if to speak about dog-friendly places: you can safely go there with a dog, eat while it is walking under the table, and you even can get a bowl of water for your pet. As for LGBT people here, as always, everything is not so straightforward. At least in bars or clubs that position themselves as gay-friendly, one can and should expect respect, the lack of super-curious or judgmental views. The Oxford dictionary would add the definition of "hospitable" and "safe", which is also important. Palm Springs is a city where all LGBT citizens or visitors can have a good time.
  • Other bars and clubs

What is more, there are also many other clubs and bars in the city. You can find classic bars and clubs of course, karaoke, wine bars, gentlemen clubs lounges and even salsa dancing clubs.