Palm Springs Movie Theater

For many years movie industry has been entertaining us, making us cry or laugh,making us think about life or just relax. You can’t deny it but almost everybody likes watching movies. Palm Springs has some modern movie theaters, with high-tech equipped halls, bars with yummy food, powerful stereo systems and many more modern features. Palm springs offers you three cinema to go to:
  • Regal Cinemas Palm Springs 9

  • Camelot Theatres

  • Mary Pickford is D'Place

Why should you go to the Palm Springs Movie Theater?

First of all, you can entertain yourself easily. If you got bored or you are just tired you can go to the cinema, take your seat, watch movie and just relax. What is more, you can spend your time with friends watching a funny comedy, laughing and enjoying the time. Moreover, if you are in such a mood that you want to forget about everything, you can go to a Palm Springs Cinema and plunge into a story that has been filmed. Don’t you think it is cool? You watch the story of some people and you empathize them, you ,kind of, “live” this story with them.During these 90 minutes of movie you are not living YOUR life, you become a part of the film. Also, if you want to have a romantic evening with your sweetheart you can go to the cinema after, for example, the dinner in the local restaurant and it will be a great ending of the day. What is more, a lot of movies are really informative. And the information you get from them is always different. In Palm Springs Movie Theaters there are also historical movies, so watching them you can find out information about the country and about the town itself. Palm Springs Movie theaters are dedicated to the innovations that you see in the movies. This is not just a trip to the cinema, in Palm Springs Cinemas you will really feel the difference - excellent acoustics is provided, richer images and the latest technologies will give you a feeling of presence. Come to the cinemas of Palm Springs and enjoy the variety of our bar, feel the new tastes, relax in spacious rooms and get the best impressions!

Palm Springs International Film Festival

Palm Springs International Film festival is one of the biggest film festivals in Northern America. This is an annual event, and the festival has already celebrated its 25th anniversary. The program of PSIFF is composed of several sections, including different genres of films: horror films, documentaries, thrillers, animation. Anyone who wants to attend the festival is welcome. The festival is held in the big cinema center - The Camelot Theatres. About 330 short films are shown here during the PSIFF. If you want to attend the festival go to the official site of the PSIFF and find the schedule. You also can watch trailers, thus you can make a list films you are going to enjoy! And also don’t lose a chance to be a part of the afterparty and closing night - they are always awesome!