Palm Springs Hotels

The sun shining almost the whole year - doesn’t it sound really great? Palm Springs is a small town in California with long and full of events history and beautiful nature. Many residents of Los Angeles come here to stay in one of the legendary hotels where famous stars once stayed, to play golf or to do all the stuff the rich and the famous do. Palm Springs is the perfect destination for your vacation! Here are the places you can stay in:

Best 5 Star Hotels in Palm Springs

Here, in a small oasis, you could relax in hotels and forget about playing a role, or being alone. As Palm Springs is a famous resort, there is a large number of hotels for different tastes. Just relax and do nothing all day.

Palm Springs Luxury Hotels

At least once everybody has had a thought to run away from routine, just escape and do nothing. But don’t you think that lying in the spa or swimming in a REALLY HUGE pool would be significantly better? You may stay in a luxury hotel in Palm Springs and enjoy your vacation fully. Luxury hotels in Palm Springs can offer you:
  • SPA. You will enjoy different pleasant treatments that will help you to get rid of fatigue and overwork. The massage of high-qualified masseurs will lessen your stress level and chocolate wrap will bring you unbelievable satisfaction.
  • Big Pools. Imagine, how you are swimming in a big pool, there is a lounger beside under the warm sun and there is your favourite cocktail? Cool, yeah? But don’t forget to use SPF cream - cause you don’t want to spend the whole vacation with red nose and cheeks, don’t you?
  • Delicious food. Desserts and delicacies of the very different types will bring you to the paradise. Light breakfasts, yummy lunches and tasty dinners. You can eat at hotel restaurant, but also food could be brought right to your room, so you can drink the coffee with the croissant and enjoy the morning.

Downtown Palm Springs Hotels

You want to live in the downtown to be in the heart of the town and to have access to everything going only by feet, don’t you? Colony Palm Springs, Alkazar Palm Springs, Triada Palm Springs, Hyatt and Hilton - choose whatever you want!

Boutique Hotels in Palm Springs

Boutique Hotels in Palm Springs have from 10 to 50 rooms and every room has its own interior. Every boutique hotel is furnished in its own theme, what leaves only good impression. Ingleside, Del Marcos, Avalon, Skylark - top boutique hotels in Palm Springs.

Cheap Hotels in Palm Springs

If you think that vacation in Palm Springs is too expensive, you are wrong. There are a lot of types of affordable accomodation in this town. You may stay in Infusion Hotel or Vagabond Hotel and it will not bite the part of your purse off. What is more you can find a couch and it will cost you nothing.

Pet Friendly Hotels in Palm Springs

Sometimes it is difficult to travel with a pet because not all the hotels allow animals. But i Palm Springs it is not a problem. Hotel Zosa, Riviera and many other will wait for you with open arms!

Gay Hotels in Palm Springs

Yeah, there are LGBTQ hotels in Palm Springs. Every couple may come here and feel comfortable. And actually no city in California has as many gay-friendly hotels as Palm Springs does.

So, as you see, there are types of accommodation for everybody’s taste in Palm Springs. There are hotels for couples, for pet lovers, expensive and budget, for people with kids or just for adults. There are even hotels for hips and and retro hotel. The longest cableway with rotating cabins, a lot of galleries and museums, canyon, botanical garden - there are so much attractives both natural and and made by human, that it would be a crime not to come and see all the beauty of Palm Springs! Book a hotel and pack your luggage! Come and see how great this town is!